We just had a VW Taguin for nearly 2 weeks in Germany. We had stuff under the feet of 3 of the non drivers and I had a shoulder bag in my lap. We could have xcritical put more in the back but that would have blocked any view out the back window. Luckily we were only on the road with all 5 of us for 3 days of the trip.

Shipping electricity long distances is also getting cheaper. It’s already at the stage where across Australia is an off the shelf project, so we really should be looking at using the solar delay to supply the east cost (ie, solar generation 3-4 hours west of demand so the supply peak better matches the demand peak). $20/hour is the going rate for much of the US for baby sitting care in your own place. Which nets down to an actual wage of $10 to $15 per hour after overhead. And if you want 24/7 that’s going to cost $14K per MONTH to have people at the lower end of the skill set for shaved apes be around.


Sorry EGP. Not wanting to have minuses on my SAN rolls, when I do read your postings, I do my best not to read them very carefully. Seems that the polling data was to go to Ukrainian oligarchs who owed him big money. You might want to look at people like, say, Krugman, who has been fulminating about this crap for years. He also pounds on who he refers to as Very Serious People, who claim to know/be economists, who expound theories with zero basis, and never apologize when they’re proven wrong. All the Austerians are in that school, and former Speaker of the House Ryan gets an especial pounding as the fraud he has always been. You may now grep the original comments on “don’t mess with people’s childhood memories” and feel suitably out of your depth.

  • If someone else comes in and takes water, all the owners, or their enforcers, take action.
  • While these are all very different, they still have many things in common.
  • FactMary Almond recruited to do programming in 1947.
  • …and a technological “ceiling” isn’t all that far off.

That’s in stark contrast to the designers of the early cars who were motivated to make them cheap and attractive in the showroom. But I’m flexible enough that if you presented me with a good, safe, transparent design that works in the real world I’d be willing to give it a try. In fact, I think that global warming is so dangerous that we should build all the newer, safer designs and test them carefully to see what happens when the designs and their crews are put under pressure. Then we should industrialize the best design and use it everywhere.

Future, Delayed: The #1 Reason Digital Transformation Could Stall During a Recession (And How to Fix It)

Altogether it is difficult to find common ground among these people – but they, after all, don’t seek anything common at all. Would be well-served to perform the highest sort kind of Great Banishing Ritual, followed by a Great Cleansing. Just remember that the bad energy gets sucked into the earth for reprocessing and you should do OK. Hm, I know people worse than SR and other problematic commentators.

  • And anywhere is suitable as long as the water is not utterly stagnant.
  • It’s more a brand and label than a coherent set of practices, at least as far as I can see.
  • Without that parameter, it would be difficult to manage the risk on a position if slippage cannot be minimized during fast market conditions – especially if your HFT strategy is carrying out a high number of trades.

xcritical is a broker that only started operating recently, and is trying to make a name for itself. They were founded only a couple of years ago, in 2018, and have been providing brokerage services since. Swap discount is also different where the silver account does not have any while the gold and platinum accounts have a swap discount of 25% and 50% respectively. We enquired properly about the customer support by asking them about a trade that was not settled.

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The online application allows for notably quick execution speeds, where one can choose from nine trading timeframes. As with the downloadable software, you have charts and analytical tools to help you when trading, so you’ll get good use out of MetaTrader4 even if you can’t download it. The trading products they offer are numerous, which allows for greater variety.

Thinking is not permitted within pantheon of anti-soviet mythology. It doesn’t occur to people that “Ukraine” they know was reassembled from several territories during Stalin’s rule, so strictly there wasn’t such thing as defined Ukrainian “nation” as of 1932. To JH @630 First, there was an outbreak of hunger in post-war USSR, but nobody in the west ever mentions it, because a) it is not in line with official “genocide” rhetoric and b) it was solved fairly quickly with previous experience in sight. Also, civil war years, of course, but nobody cares enough either.

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The problem with poverty is that it’s estimation is very much dependent on economic regulator and their definitions of such terms. There’s absolute poverty in the world , and there’s relative poverty inside one currency zone aka Gini index, and so on, and so forth. Obtaining uranium from granite always was an academic example, to debunk the ridiculous claims that uranium would run out if we used it. There may be a fairly limited amount of high-grade uranium ore, but there is an immense amount of medium-grade ore, and any sane approach to atomic power would also use thorium.

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When you say “high level material” how radioactive is that? The Zion reactor vessel in the slideshow I referenced was not particularly radioactive ten years or so after shutdown . The resulting metal scrap is low-level waste and is suitable for recycling after a couple of decades of storage to assuage the feelings of anti-nuclear folks.

Consumers cut back on retail spend as prices…

I think you have to remember that, until quite recently (ending… um…) groups like the CIA sponsored fascist dictatorships, because they understood how to work with them. This dates back to the opening days of the Cold War, when the CIA harbored and aided formerly fascist groups in the fight against Soviet expansion into Eastern Europe, for all the good it did. The Marshall Plan was predicated on containing the Soviets, part of a tripartite strategy also involving the threat of nuclear war and action by the CIA. This is where carbon taxation can be both a blessing and a curse. One part is that it sends a signal about the real price of something.

But I also remember vividly the driver who pulled out, then checked for oncoming traffic, got a positive result, and responded by slamming on the brakes and coming to a halt broadside-on right in front of me. I had a clear view through the driver’s side window as I estimated how survivably or otherwise their body was about to be mangled and was relieved to note that this driver too was, in fact, a fish. The car, though, was not an SUV, but an ordinary small car (which in British terms means it doesn’t have rear doors because they’d be too small to get through if it did). One is their intended use, which is hauling 4-8 people off-road. The old SUVs were quite good at this, and ecology professors, consultants, and the like loved them for that reason.

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For example, a market maker could be incentivized to “create” an arbitrage event by front-running their own customer in order to make a profit at the client’s expense. Therefore, if you are attempting to capture some form of arbitrage, it is important to find out whether your broker has any anti-latency arbitrage mechanisms in place, or if it permits scalping. This rapid large-scale trading is carried out by computers, so HFT strategies are not subject to the pitfalls and mistakes that can be caused by the influence of human https://xcritical.pro/ emotions. High-frequency traders are often able to take first-mover advantage in high-impact news situations, such as GDP and inflation data releases, nonfarm payrolls, and monetary policy announcements. Over the last 20 years, many rules and regulations have been put in place to help uphold market integrity, protect market participants, and prevent practices like front-running. HFT does provide some benefits to the markets, such as added liquidity, and retail traders themselves are not running their own HFT systems.